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"In my role there is a lot of problem solving involved, I'm really enjoying collaborating with stakeholders to develop new and exciting projects and new ways of working." 

Olivia, Senior Analyst

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Policy and Performance supports our communities to thrive by providing quality services and better outcomes for Westmorland and Furness residents.

You might be carrying out research, undertaking consultations or analysing data to help decision-makers develop and shape policy. 

You will work closely with the council’s senior leadership team, Chief Executive Officers and elected members to deliver the council’s ambition, enabling positive change for the future. 

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Our Senior Analysts

We provide information and intelligence to senior managers, service managers, and elected members to facilitate informed decision-making and influence policy and strategy at Westmorland and Furness Council. 

We are responsible for conducting thorough research on various aspects such as health, wealth, crime, economy, and housing demographics in Cumbria, as well as collaborating with elected members and senior officers to analyse service performance trends and identify areas for improvement. 

By joining our team you can contribute to shaping Council policy and enhancing service performance.

One of our Senior Analysts

Meet Megan

Senior Analyst

"A typical day as a Senior Analyst can be very varied, with no two days the same. The Performance Team has the benefit of working across all directorates and service areas within the council, which allows the Analysts to work in range of different topic areas. The most common response I receive when I say I’m an analyst is "Oh, that must be looking at a lot of spreadsheets.", which sometimes it is, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s telling a story with data and that’s what I enjoy the most about my role. It is a chance to help add insight and perspective to inform others, proving or disproving preconceived conceptions about a topic or issue."