Project Management


"I have been given the opportunity to move around teams and help other directorates. That's helped me build a strong network of colleagues who are always willing to help me."

Max, Apprentice Project Manager - Policy & Performance


Together we are Outcome focused

Project management team

Project Management are responsible for reimagining the way our departments work, driving innovation and transforming services for the benefit of Westmorland and Furness residents. 

You could be leading on long-term projects, implementing new technologies or working with one of our many external partners, such as the NHS, police and fire services. 

We’re looking for people to challenge the status quo and find new ways of doing things to have the greatest impact for the communities we work for.

A career in Project Management

Working in project management within local government offers an opportunity to lead meaningful initiatives that enhance the quality of life for residents, contribute to community development, and leave a lasting impact on the region's growth and prosperity. 

We oversee the planning, execution, and delivery of a diverse range of projects aimed at improving public services, infrastructure, and facilities. We play a pivotal role in ensuring the successful implementation of initiatives that address pressing community needs, such as transportation improvements, urban development, and environmental sustainability projects. 

Woman planning at desk
Kendal town hall

A focus on...

Our Project Leads

We oversee property development projects, coordinate with expert designers and construction partners to deliver multi-million pound initiatives, ranging from community asset enhancements to school and town centre improvements. 

Join our high-performing team, where you'll take on significant accountability, ensuring projects are delivered safely, efficiently, and to a high standard while fostering a culture of continuous improvement. We embrace the chance to make a lasting difference in our community.