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"It's the people that make the council and their different experiences and needs bring wide variety to the job."

Matthew, ICT Support Officer


Together we are Responsible

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We oversee the council's digital transformation, collaborating across diverse networks, servers and applications to enhance services ranging from transportation and housing to social care. 

Across the council, we utilise a diverse array of desktop, mobile and Cloud applications to cater to departmental needs. Collaborating closely with various departments, our digital team contribute to strategy and implement innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our local community.

Our responsibilities range from developing and maintaining digital platforms and applications to managing data analytics and cybersecurity initiatives. We have a pivotal role in driving digital inclusion efforts, ensuring that all members of the community have access to digital services. 


Our multidisciplinary teams handle everything from IT procurement to project management, development, and support, spanning solution architectures, networks and servers. 

Our team play a crucial role in supporting the delivery of essential services, leveraging technology to improve efficiency, accessibility, and transparency. From managing networks and infrastructure to developing innovative solutions, our ICT colleagues collaborate with various departments to streamline processes, enhance communication, and meet the evolving needs of our workforce.

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A focus on...

ICT Service Support Officers

We support the ICT Service Support Manager, advise on planning matters, and collaborate within the ICT team to enhance end-user experiences. We are responsible for managing asset processes, raising procurement requests, handling invoices, liaising with suppliers, negotiating contracts, overseeing mobile device contracts, updating procurement guidelines, and compiling accurate reports to support service improvement initiatives. 

By efficiently managing resources and facilitating seamless procurement processes, we contribute to the smooth operation of the ICT Service and Council initiatives. 

Meet Adam

Case Management Officer, Printing

"My role varies hugely! I support many areas of the organisation, so I can be designing a flyer one day, printing election documents, fixing a printer breakdown - no day is ever exactly the same. I really enjoy problem solving, being able to fix something and get things working again or provide a solution to someone's issue.

I started out almost 10 years ago as the assistant and have seen many changes over the years, I've now been running the print room for the past 4 years. It's exciting to see what changes are continuing to happen moving forward as W&F." 

One of our case management officers