"Within our team, we provide democratic and legal government support in order to ensure we are safe and legally compliant."

Linda, Chief Legal and Monitoring Officer


Together we are Inclusive

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Being part of the legal services team at Westmorland and Furness provides excellent exposure to a diverse legal experience rarely found elsewhere. 

Operating within a vast organisation with complex policies, we navigate a highly regulated landscape, engaging in a wide spectrum of high-profile cases and managing multi-million-pound contracts.

We are accountable to the council's elected members, who in turn answer to the residents of Westmorland and Furness. Our legal services teams prioritise safeguarding the council's reputation and the community's trust.

Legal services at the council

With a focus on justice, fairness, and ethical conduct, our legal teams contribute to maintaining the integrity of local governance, safeguarding public resources, and promoting the public interest. 

Working in the legal department within local government offers a challenging and rewarding opportunity to apply legal expertise in service of the community. We provide comprehensive legal advice and support to various departments, elected officials, and agencies on a wide range of issues, including legislation, regulations, contracts, and litigation matters.

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A focus on...

Our Principal Electoral Officers

As per relevant legislation and statutory deadlines, we are responsible for the day-to-day operations of our Electoral Services, including the Elections Management System. We delegate tasks, conduct appraisals, and provide training and support to employees, including temporary Canvassers for electoral registration duties. 

We ensure the smooth execution of all elections for Westmorland and Furness Council, Parish and Town Councils, Parliamentary and Police and Crime Commissioners and Business Improvement Districts. 

Meet Jane

Case Management Officer - Legal Services

"My role covers and supports the vision and all of the council values in full. In supporting our teams as an enabling service to the whole council, the processes, functions and services we provide make a significant contribution to the decision making role of your local authority. 

To anyone thinking of starting a career with the council I would say - just join, learn, develop and grow. Embrace challenge. This is a unique opportunity to work with a large group of very intelligent, caring and exceptional people."

An employee from our legal services team