Finance & Procurement


"The Council offers a diverse and ever-changing workspace with hybrid and flexible hours have improved my personal wellbeing and productivity at work."

Kristina, Finance Manager


Together we are Responsible


Working in finance, procurement, and commissioning within local government offers a rewarding opportunity to support the delivery of vital service and uphold the principles of good governance for the benefit of the community. We manage procurement activities, including sourcing goods and services, negotiating contracts, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices. 

We are focused on responsible resource management and strategic decision-making. Our teams play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient allocation of public funds, overseeing budgeting and financial reporting. Join us and contribute to the effective delivery of essential public services. 


Your role in the team

As a member of our team, you will have varied and key role within the council. 

You'll contribute to the development and implementation of financial policies and procedures to promote transparency and accountability. 

With opportunities to work on diverse projects and make informed financial decisions that impact our community, this role offers an opportunity for you to support the council by helping to ensure we have the means to give our residents the best quality of life.

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A focus on...

Our Procurement Leads

We are responsible for efficiently acquiring goods, works, or services for the Council within a designated category. We ensure compliance with statutory responsibilities and achieve realistic outcomes within allocated resources. We work as business partners to advise and support our service areas on their procurement and contract management needs. 

We proactively engage in challenging and problem-solving activities related to commissioning, procurement, and contract management across directorates to enhance sustainable value and ensure quality improvements are made. 

Meet Alison

Commissioning Manager

"The most enjoyable part of my role is seeing the commissioning cycle from start to finish. I think it's amazing when the team work collaboratively with all business partners to create, design, procure and implement a service that embodies the Council's value and ultimately improves the lives for people in our communities.

I believe my role as Commissioning Manager fits into our vision for Westmorland & Furness as we strive to create, deliver and maintain services that enables our citizens to have ‘a great place to live, work and thrive.’"


One of our Commissioning Managers