Emergency Planning


"The most enjoyable part of my role is how many different people I get to meet and talk to each day, it's been really helpful to my professional growth."

Emma, Local Resilience Forum Coordinator


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Staff emergency planning

We help to create a safe and resilient environment. 

We are responsible for developing and implementing strategies to ensure the community's safety and resilience in the face of emergencies such as flooding, adverse weather and major traffic incidents. 

This role involves coordinating with stakeholders including emergency services, government agencies and community organisations, to develop comprehensive response plans.

Working in Emergency Planning

You need to be ready to respond to emergency events. It requires resilience, strong communication skills, attention to detail and remaining calm under pressure. 

While the work can be intense and unpredictable, knowing that you are helping to protect and support your community during times of crisis can be incredibly fulfilling. We conduct risk assessments, develop training programmes, and engage in public outreach and education efforts to ensure that residents and stakeholders are informed and prepared for potential emergencies. With a focus on resilience, adaptability, and effective communication, we play a crucial role in enhancing community resilience and saving lives during times of crisis. 

Staff planning
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Our Emergency Planning Officers

In times of crisis, we are ready to respond and play a vital role in ensuring coordinated responses and the wellbeing of our communities. We work in dedicated teams and our roles are varied. 

We participate in a 24/7 out of hours scheme to be the single point of contact for emergency services and other agencies and assist with the production and development of plans, reports and policies. Join our team and you will have a rewarding role that requires you to think on your feet and work with our communities to mitigate risks.

Meet Hope

Senior Emergency Planning Officer

"On any given day emergency planning officers may be researching arrangements for an emergency plan, attending meetings with multi-agency partners or being part of a live-play exercise testing our emergency plans. Of course, an emergency can happen at any time, so we always have to be ready to respond.

Attending live-play exercises is my favourite part of my role. This is how we test our plans and arrangements to show that they are fit for purpose, it's often the culmination of many months of updating plans and training and is very satisfying to see everything come together."

Photo of an employee named Hope.