Community Services


"My role fits very well with the values, vision and ambition of the council. In particular, the council wishes to provide an excellent service for our residents."

Richard, Senior Library and Customer Assistant

Together we are Outcome focused

Inside Barrow Library

We enhance the environment that we live and work in.

Community Services is dedicated to enhancing neighbourhoods, housing, the environment and quality of life for residents and visitors. From waste management to maintaining libraries, parks and cemeteries, our teams work hard to ensure a welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Whether it's increasing recycling rates, collaborating with local authorities to improve safety or spearheading innovative initiatives, joining us means playing a pivotal role in shaping a clean, safe and vibrant community.

Thriving Communities

Our community teams cover a diverse range of areas such as community safety, public health and protection, libraries, housing, parks and open spaces to our regulatory teams and administrative support to ensure our services to the community run effectively and efficiently.

Our Environmental Health Officers ensure that the environment where we work, eat, live and play is safe for our communities. Be part of our housing team and you will be helping everyone in Westmorland and Furness have access to a safe, well-maintained home. Join our dedicated Health & Wellbeing team, who are essential in developing opportunities for our clients and working to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing in our local communities. 

Council team
Two of our Housing Standards Specialists

A focus on...

Housing Standards

Our role ensures the quality, safety, and sustainability of housing within Westmorland and Furness. We liaise with partner agencies, landlords and tenants to uphold and improve living standards, promote fair housing practices, and safeguard the well-being of our residents.

Working in Housing Standards provides great opportunities for collaboration, learning new skills and professional development. We work towards fostering healthier, more equitable communities by ensuring that everyone has access to safe and decent housing.

Meet Graham

Head of Public Protection

"I have worked for the council for 33 years. As I've grown in experience and competence, I have been fortunate to have benefited through the council's professional training fund. This has enabled me to complete under and post-graduate qualifications, management training and two master degrees. 

Six years ago, I became Head of Service. I am testament to the idea of 'grow your own' staff, which has proved successful for others in my service. Looking ahead, there are always opportunities, even after a long career with the council."

Employee from our Community Services team