"I have had a very positive experience working for the council. The council really understand the concept of work life balance and are supportive if (as inevitably can happen) family needs come first."

Laura, Communications Officer


Together we are Collaborative

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We support council departments, elected members, the mayor, and the Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria with communications, campaigns, and activities. It’s all about providing the right people with the right information at the right time.

There’s never a dull moment. One minute you’ll support a service to make strategic changes and the next, you’ll promote a royal visit or respond to a major weather incident. 

Join us and discover a diverse and dedicated team. 

Our Communications Team

We support a range of activities and services. 

Whether we’re liaising with local media, advising senior leaders, planning marketing campaigns, or managing events, our work is challenging and exciting.

You will need to manage crises and respond rapidly. Often dealing with sensitive information in real time, you will think on your feet to evaluate the legal and social impact of what you publish online. It can be high-profile work but rewarding too.  

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Media interview

A focus on our...

Engagement and Communications Officers

We draft news releases, manage communication opportunities, and mitigate reputation risks. We monitor local, regional, and national issues and identify risks affecting the council's reputation, along with recommending appropriate actions for mitigation.

We develop and deliver high-quality communication materials such as articles, campaigns, newsletters, and social media content and support the Communications Business Partners. 

Meet Adam

Communications Business Partner

"Communications touches almost every aspect of our organisation, from social care to bins, highways, public health and more. Working in communications means no two days are the same, which is why it appealed to me early in my career.

I've been here for almost three years now but thanks to the council's flexible working offer, I have remained living in Wirral, Merseyside - only travelling to Cumbria when needed. It's an exciting time for Westmorland and Furness Council and the comms team will continue to play a big part in helping the organisation achieve its priorities in the months and years ahead." 

Adam, Communications Officer